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 The online meetings I attended this week used Webex, Zoom and TEAMs and one another software  for webinar which I do not even know the name!  I am fine with zoom and TEAMS, though my most frequent use is zoom.

I also attended “real” (face-to-face with social distancing”) meetings, and in the middle switched to zoom, asI had board meetings back to back (or simultaneously).  Board meetings tend to be held in t last week of the month and they bring challenges to decide how to manage more than two at the same time.   In addition, companies now rent you iPad for security reasons.  So I carried three iPads today-two for companies and one for myself.  I have three iPads altogether as I serve as non-executive director of three companies.

Recalling all the passwords for each of the three iPads (mine I have no trouble recalling!) and keep them charged requires some energy and time. My desk is full of chords to keep them charged and it is a mess.

Having passwords for each iPad  gets quite confusing as well, as we have so many other passwords.

Technology enables you to attend the meetings regardless of physical location, but it brings other headaches.

My next task is to clean my “virtual space.” as I did Big Clean up–DANSHARI  of physical space of my apartment.

With my Mac Book Air at home and Apple Watch, I believe there are so many more things I can do., though I am not aware and familiar with.

It is time for me to find out what each can do AND to clean my files.  I did Big Clean up of my apartment, and have so much ,more “real” space, and it is time to make “virtual” space……

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