IMG_4281 This morning I tried Zip line in Koloa. This was the second time I tried Zip line as I tried Zip trek “Super Fly” in British Columbia for the first time this summer. I wanted to try something new this time in Kauai, rather than following the same routine every day. (I usually do many teleconferencing and email exchange as well as playing golf while in Kauai. Ant it has become too “routine” and I wanted to break them!)

IMG_4272As I found out that I would NOT be able to fly small plane this time, I decided to try Zip line. I checked around several alternative plans and decided to try the one close to where I am. I also heard good comments about this one from the staff at concierge. So I signed up yesterday and tried this morning. (As I finished final board meeting via telephone yesterday and also sent off the assignment for the corporate workshop whose deadline was yesterday, I thought I would deserve something for myself.) (You can tell from the photos how lovely the view is!)

I was very lucky as it was such a beautiful day today, after several rainy and gusty days.

There were five of us in the group (family of four)  with two guides. This particular Zip line consisted of 8 trips!, one of which is known for the longest zip line in Kauai.

IMG_4245 It was a lot of fun. I was more prepared for the series of 8 zip line trips after my first trial in British Columbia. It was a great way to spend a IMG_4242few hours on beautiful day.(Photo on the left shows one of the eight bases we start from.)  There are many more photos coming, so I will post them more. Stay tuned.