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Friday last week (Nov. 27) I went to hear Yu Kosuge at Opera City Concert Hall. I have known Yu for some time and heard her performance several times.  This concert was on my mind (i.e. I have seen the tweet etc.  as I follow her tweet), but did not realize it until the day of the concert (i.e. Friday morning.)

Though I had quite a few things to do by the end of Friday, I decided to go.  It was because at the trustee meeting the day before of Nagamori Culture Foundation I heard Yutaka Sado talk about the power of music (I do agree and often feel myself) and was very inspired.  I also wanted to give myself some deadline so that I could concentrate to get my task done AND go to the concert.    I wrote about my plan to go to the concert on tweet, and searched how I could get the ticket. (I did not want to go to Opera City, only to find that they are all sold out!)  Some replied with helpful information and I also received a note from Yu who would keep my ticket at the reception.  Program consists of Beethoven’s piece, “Wandererfantasie” by Schubert, Sonata 1 x 1905, Akiko’s Diary by Dai Fujikura and Piano Sonata by Chopin.

I liked the piece by Schubert, but the one that captured my heart was Akikos Diary.  I heard Akiko’s Diary when it was played in Hiroshima (on line), but this time it sounded a bit different.

I like Yu’s style very much as she has balance of very delicate and soft section with incredible powerful section in almost any piece she plays.  She also looks and acts very natural, and down-to earth.  I like this natural style of her behavior very much.

During the intermission, I ran into several friends of mine including Makoto Yoshida, clarinet, who  made CD with Yu a few days before. It was very nice Friday evening giving me a lot of energy and inspiration.

Yu will perform in January 6 at Sumida Triphony Hall.  Details are here.  The one with Makoto on Dec. 3 is in Nagoya (I believe), but web ticket is available.

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