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Last Friday, September 19, we hosted #18 of Davos experience in Tokyo series. It was the first of the new sub-series focusing on skill development. The skill we tried was “story telling”.

As I reported earlier, we began with the drawing of a picture and each participants explained his/her story to other members of the small breakout groups. Then as a group, they developed one story.

You can now see the photo (on title page) and the edited video of the session. If you follow the link, at the bottom, you see Part 1 (me explaining the background of the need for new skills etc. -20 min. or so) and Part 2 (participants explaining their stories -29 min.)

We had quite a few new members(those who participated DEX for the first time)  as always. For those who are interested in DEX, take a look at the video and see yourself what it is like. Hope you join us next time!-October 17!

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