We often hear the need to bring more tourists to Japan and to introduce unique features of Japan to the world. We also  know that there are many people who are interested in being exposed to the world if there are opportunities to do so. At the same time, I know that many feel rather overwhelmed by the need to express themselves in English and feel lost when they are given opportunities to discuss any topic of their choice.

How about introducing a part of your lifestyle in your “local” environment, i.e. where you live and/or where you are from to the visiting tourists like friends.  Local Fellows is NPO with that goal.  At session #19 of DEX (“Davos Experience in Tokyo series”), we will have the founder of Local Fellows to explain their activities.  Then each and every one of you will think of the “secret gems” of your “local” environment and develop a story to introduce it to the visiting tourists.

One of the best ways to develop communication capability is to have many opportunities to express yourself in  small breakout groups.  You may be surprised how relaxed you feel in small groups who share the same aspiration. It is totally different from the high pressure/high risk situation where you have to say something “right” in front of the big audience.  Our #19 of DEX will offer you that opportunity.  After each one of you develop your own story to introduce your lifestyle, the group will develop a map or story to recommend to visiting tourists.  We will have networking with snack and drinks afterwords so that we get to know each other better. Why not register and join us on October 17? For details and registration, check our website.