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We just finished SINCA Media-Expert/Topic session last Friday, January 25. (Photo on the left)  Check our website for video of the session..As it is the last day of January today!,  we are getting ready for the next session of SINCA scheduled for February 22. The session will feature “YOUR ideal Society 5.0.”  It will be held at British Chamber of Commerce Japan near Ark Hills.

Society 5.0 is Japanese initiative (by the government and private sector) and one of the key pillars of G20 held in Osaka in June and B20(Business 20) in March. Its “human-centric” feature capitalizing on demographic issues Japan is faced with (aging) and on technological power unique to Japan(robotics) is well received overseas. But only few Japanese are familiar with it.

We want to ask YOUR ideal society 5.0 and  compare it with Society 5.0-Co-creating the Future  

Now that “old” leaders such as US, Germany as well as “emerging” leader, China, are struggling with domestic issues, some expect Japan to assume leadership in the world. Today’s leadership role is expected by individuals, rather than by government or business leaders. Let us develop specific actions WE can take in the year of major world events such as G20/B20 as well as Rugby World Cup. Let us figure out what WE can do to position Japan in the world.

It will be good opportunity to visit British Chamber of Commerce Japan to find out what activities they organize and how we can collaborate.  Lately debate about Brexit and Britain appears to focus on difficulties and uncertainties, but you will get to see firsthand the activities of BCCJ which is promoting BCCJ 5.0 in line with Society 5.0.

We will start the session at 18:00 instead of 19:00 (hopefully many can leave the office early as work style reform has been underway). The session will close at 20:00 sharp (following the tenant rules).  The networking session will be held at some place close by. (Will be informed later.) We will post details and how to register, soon. So mark your calendar and stay tuned.


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