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Now is the time to unleash our imagination and creativity to think of “Dream” destination to go and place to live.  Many of you may feel you are “stuck” as our movement has been restricted.  Though our physical movement may be restricted, our spirit can go to any place!  Our Next SINCA session scheduled for Sunday, Nov. 8, will offer you the opportunity to share your “dream” destination and “place to live” if all the restrictions are eased.

Fall is just about the best season to travel in Japan as we can see colors and the weather is not too cold nor too hot.  We have had beautiful days in the past few days (and expected to continue several more days), many seem to travel in Japan.

For this session, we would like YOU to think of destination (not too realistic, but with your imagination!)  Do NOT limit yourself to some well known spots in Japan, and/or try to make use of Go to Travel Campaign.  It is YOUR dream destination you always wanted to go (probably in your mind only, as many may think you are crazy!)  Tell us why you want to go there and what you want to do there.  If you want to show us some visuals to show your dream destination you can do so.

In addition, we want you to think about the place to live.  This is more of base of your activities for longer term.  If you can live anywhere in the world, where would you like to live and why?

We will have breakout discussion as always in small groups and then have general discussion.  Now the peatix site is open with details and registration instruction.  Check the site and join us.  (Facebook even has not been set up, but you can register through peatix site.  Facebook event page is here.)

Featured photo is my Dream destination….. Can you guess?

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