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Today,, March 19, is my birthday.  When I hit the big number several years ago (in fact, I hit the big number few times in the past decade or so), I decided to get younger every year when I celebrate my birthday.  I then got a bit confused about my own age, as I had to count down every year.

yinNike ywpreThis year,  we had several seminars in March, starting with  the First  Global Career Forum on March 2.  They gave me a birthday present as the Forum began originally  as the reunion and every alumni knew my birthday is in March.  This year, several other seminars followed and every time, I was given flowers etc. for my birthday.    (Photo in athletic gear I got as present on the left and with flowers on the right)

I decided that rather than waiting for a year, I will get younger everytime somebody celebrates my birthday!  In the past several weeks, I had many occasions people celebrated my birthday.  This morning,  I received so many notes wishing me happy birthday through my facebook page. (I disclosed my birthday,  but not my birth year! so that I am free to get younger!)

So  I feel I am getting younger every hour!  Probably I should stop doing this trick before I go back to my childhood days.  As I come to think of it, however,  it may not be a bad idea, as it is my wish to continue curiosity and adventurous mind every child  has.

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