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Yoshiharu Habu, Shogi professional, lost all the major titles after 27 years last December.  Keeping major title for 27 consecutive years is such a great accomplishment, but with younger pros gaining knowledge and skills, Habu lost major title matches last year.  But today, he won the game over Nagase and set the new record with 1434 wins!  The old record holder was 15th Meijin Yasuhara Ohyama.

I was getting a bit concerned last year as he seemed to have lost quite a few games to the younger pros.  So when I heard the news that he reached the same number of wins with Ohyama, I was quite excited and was very much looking forward to the new record.

I am so happy for him and his family and his win is so inspiring to me.  I recall that he once said that he respects the people who continue working hard as he believes that it is superb ability to be able to continue effort, not giving up.  We often think that people are born talented, but it is the practice and effort day in and day out that makes the people “great.”  It is such a memorable day for me.

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