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On Thursday, October 23, game No. 5 of Shogi Ouza sen title match was held in Yokohama. Defending Ouza Y. Habu and challenger M. Toyoshima had tied at  2 games each.

In very close game (it seems, judging from the reports), defending Ouza Yoshiharu Habu won the game to defend the title.
It was the 90th win for Habu in seven major Shogi title matches. As top professionals seem to be quite close in their capability, it is remarkable that he won 90 title matches. Now he holds four of seven major titles.

Professional Shogi has been undergoing transformation, as IT made it possible for people to share the records and search for the similar games and moves.  In a way, information and results  have become open to everybody. At the same time, game stays the same in that one wins and the other loses the game.  I think Habu’s accomplishment of holding seven major titles for 90 terms in total is even more remarkable.

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