This evening (Nov. 26), I hosted second of the present for participants of SINCA x session on Nov. 9.   This is Yoko’s bar! (unlike Yoko’s lunch yesterday)  and 12 people participated. We talked a while about what they do and upcoming SINCA session on Friday etc. for 1.5 hours or so, and then moved to Bar & Grill at the Roppongi Hills.

It took a while for me to get responses to my inquiries when I tried to set date/time to get together, (in fact, I was a bit getting irritable) but I wanted to make sure that all that participated were informed of this event.  I managed to get 12 people respond to tonight’s event and reserved the place for 13 (including me!)

Whenever I host the session/event, etc., I want to do it right.  I hope people had fun this evening. I had so much fun and received so my energy (as I heard that M. Takahashi mentioned at the concert that she received so much energy from the audience.!)  Thank YOU so much for coming.

We still have at least 3 people who would attend the SINCA session this coming Friday and I hope I get to talk with them during networking session.