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fullsizerender-14Last night, I hosted Yoko’s bar #6 at the Traders’ bar at Tokyo American Club. This is the get-together I invite people who have participated in Davos… in Tokyo series more than five times (i.e repeaters). This time, we have some 12 candidates and I organized two events-last night and two weeks from now.
We had beer and other drinks together with typical bar food-chicken wings, fish & chips, calamari etc. We talked about their career and background (they do not know each other) and we had fun evening.
img_1610Today, I went to Yokohama to join high school reunion. I went to Ferris High school in Yokohama for six years and I hear it has been 50 years since we graduated!
There were some 30 people and our math teacher was there, too. (He is now 89 years old and looked very well despite his recent illness. The man at far-end table in the photo) I almost did not go as my close friends were not going, but decided to join the a few days ago as I wanted to expand people I interact beyond my usual contacts.
We are all boomers and are now doing a variety of things –few are still working as artist, NPO leader, etc. They all seem to have been building productivity and vitality assets (ala 100 year life). It was good to see them going strong…

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