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IMG_7899Yesterday, November 24, I hosted #3 of Yoko’s bar.  Yoko’s bar is an attempt to increase repeat participants to Davos Experience in Tokyo series we host every month.  We began a while ago and those who collected five stamps (I give out card to those who participate in the event AND are interested in receiving the card and stamp) are invited to Yoko’s bar.

12279191_924891004265435_8863199256021408555_nThis was the third of its kind as we have had over 10 people qualified lately.  The second one was held about two weeks ago.  We talked about how they came to find Davos.. series, how they found the sessions and what new ideas we could incorporate.  We also talked about what we do, etc.

We had drinks and bar foods such as wings, popovers, popcorn, onion rings, and some sandwiches.  (Probably not quite healthy! but tasty.) It was fun.

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