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 Last night, I hosted the first Yoko’s bar in 2019.  I used to host this series while hosting Davos Experience in Tokyo series for almost 5 years.  This is an attempt to increase repeat participants, by giving them stamps every time they participated in the session.  If they collect five stamps, they get invited to Yoko’s bar.  I hosted some 10 Yoko’s bar until early 2018, I believe.

As we have new series called SINCA and we got our data base of participants of the last 10 sessions of Davos .. series and SINCA since fall last year, I hosted the first one for 2019.

It is held at Trader’s bar of the Tokyo American Club where I am a members. It is a sports bar with beer and bar food.  This time, we had seven people and had drinks, pop corn, fish & chips, club house sandwich, pizza and salad etc.  We talked about their work, activities and interest, and I felt I could have done better job of making sure every one talked.  I will try next time.

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