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I am in the process of buying new PC and of starting something new, as in the past.  As I think about it, I was thinking about the same thing (i.e. buying new PC) last year about the same time, but I did not get around to do it.  It was NOT because I could not afford it, but because I was lost as to how I could transfer files etc. to the new PC.  I realized that I needed to sort my files etc., but I was under time pressure (in many cases) and did not have time to review/delete some.  I asked staff at the retail store the other day, and some of my questions were cleared.

I made a big progress today as I had some time with my personal mentor of website/PC etc.  and he responded to my questions with  many specific suggestions.  I did the similar session last year around the same time, which led me to take up the task of refining the website.  Explaining my problem/issues and what I want to do AND responding to questions he asked really helped me focus on key issues and plan the specific next steps.  It is always good to explain to others, (as things get clarified to yourself), and it is even better if the people who listen give me some ideas and we can have dialogue.  This is how things move.

The ideal way of ensuring today’s session to produce some tangible output and of getting it done is for me to review my activities this past year and sort/prioritize my activities based upon the facts.  I have a bit of dilemma as I am under time pressure and struggling to address my other urgent task of reviewing/revising the draft of the book chapter and of getting necessary information.  I am determined as I can make the best of year-end/new years holidays.


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