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 On Saturday, September 25, I went to the class reunion of college.  As we are on to the phase II (or III) of life, some of my classmates organized the reunion after so many years.  There  were some 20 people (all ladies, as our class was separate from men’s classes, to my regret1)  and some I have not seen since we graduated over several decades ago.

  It was fun to see people whom I shared my college days.  They all looked well and are doing various things with full of energy.  (I think it is true everywhere that those who come to the reunion tend to be well, good shape and doing well! So there is no surprise there.)  Everyone talked about their recent activities.  The topics included what to do with the life with husbands who are just about or have retired, what their sons & daughters and their grand children are doing etc. Some people are still working, while others are doing volunteer work etc.  As we are the members of the English at Sophia University, many people  are doing some volunteer activities, NPO type activities and job related to English, it seems.

  It was a good opportunity for me to interact with people of the same generation, but those I have not interacted lately.  (I host ladies get-togethers bi-annually at my place, but almost none from the college class.)  It opened up a little different world from the one I am used to, i.e. the world with business people, graduate and other students etc.  It was a good way to spend Saturday afternoon.

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