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When you are thinking about saving for rainy days and/or your family, in what form would you save?  Gold? US$? Japanese yen?  You may have heard about Bit Coin, one of the virtual currencies debated recently.

That is the topic of discussion for #14 of  “Davos Experience in Tokyo Series” this coming Friday, April 18.  We will have Mr. Yoshimitsu  Jimmy Honma who is a Managing Director of  Japan Digital Money Association as our guest.    I myself do not know much about Bit Coin and would like to have a talk  show with him, asking many basic questions.

You can watch some video discussing the technological aspect of Bit Coin by Andreas M.Antonopoulos and of Application of Bit Coin by Roger Ver.

You can ask many questions you may have when you watch these video.  Come & join us to find out more about virtual currency, its prospect and technological implications to address some of the global issues.  For details & registration, please visit our website.

Looking forward to seeing you in three days!

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