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G8eKWiNsGBCG2GgrPRgn6Ki7eNB9bS4FvANP4G4upLw I have discussed the impact of the Fourth Industrial Revolution on job and employment several times, and in particular, shared some ideas at the seminar and talk I gave this past week. It seems it is one of the hot issues discussed and debated throughout the world now in the face of unprecedented technological transformation. I believe the urgency of the topic has even more increased, while the uncertainties have increased in the financial market in the past few days.
Thus it is no surprise that the panel was held at the World Economic Forum Annual Meeting 2016 entitled “World Without work?.” It is jointly organized with NHK with Hiroko Kuniya moderating the session.
There are quite a few graphs (one of them shown above) from the Future of Jobs report I referred to recently. Take a look.

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