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p1000889.JPGp1000885.JPG  I went to Seoul, Korea, to participate in the 9th World Knowledge Forum.   (Japanese version=>) I participated last year and was very impressed with the scale, scope and the quality of speakers/panelists of the Forum and felt very honored to be invited back to participate this year. 

  I had one another objective of my visit to Seoul earlier this week. It was to meet with Dr. OkHee Kim, the publisher of the Korean version of the book, World Class Professional I wrote with Dr. Kiyoshi Kurokawa two years ago.  We exchanged e-mails several times and had tried to coordinate the trip to Seoul to do something about the publication. We had to wait until now to make it happen.

  It was very exciting for me to see the book in Korean, (though I could not read, I liked the look of the book as it was read, one of my favorite colors), but it was even more exciting to meet with Dr. OkHee Kim in person. She was kind enough to schedule an interview Mr. Chung, reporter of the Maeil Business Newspaper which hosted the Forum.(Photo on the left shows–from the left- Mr. Chung, Dr. Kurokawa, myself and Dr. OkHee) 

  Dr. OkHee, Dr. Kurokawa, and I had lovely dinner the day we arrived to get to know each other and to discuss how to market the book. It is always fun to meet and work with people who are willing to try something new.  

   On the first day of the Forum, while we listened to very interesting key note speech by the political leaders such as the former Prime Minister of Ireland, Bert Ahern, and former President of Finland, Mr. Esko Aho as well as leaders in the academia such as President of the Yale University and of University of Tokyo, business leaders such as Sir Richard Branson(the photo on the right shows Sir Richard Branson via satellite from somewhere with Nick Gowing of BBC World),  Dr. OkHee introduced me to several distinguished ladies of Korea.

  I find the true value of this type of Forum to be to meet with many interesting people in person!  Meeting them and talking with them is so inspiring, I find. Though the day is rather long, as we start at 8:00 a.m. in the morning and finish after nine with dinner, it gives me so much energy to interact with people.  For the content of the sessions, more to come, so stay tuned.      

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