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09WKFCEOThe 10th World Knowledge Forum ended last night with the farewell dinner. The last day was a busy one for me, as I did two panels and served as moderator for the special lecture.  The first panel was entitled “CEO with Humanities background” and other panelists included Peter Reed of MOMA, Frank-Jurgen Richter of HORASIS and Akihiko Tanaka of University of Tokyo. Peter Sullivan of Independent Newspaper  moderated the panel.  It was very interesting as panelists represented very different fields and as a result, there were some new discoveries.

09WKFFeldsteinI then moderated the Special Lecture by Professor Martin Feldstein of Harvard University on the Economic Outlook of the U.S.  I was asked to pinch-hit for the Korean professor who could not make it.  I found the lecture very comprehensive, insightful and easy to follow.  I feel that I have much better idea of the reasons behind economic crisis (in comparison with the Great Depression) and the different views as to the economic outlook now that I heard several lectures and attended the panel on them. (People have quite a diverse view and opinions.)

09WKFFutureThe last panel I did was on Future Trend and Future Occupations. Dr. Misug Jin of Korea Research Institute for Vocational Educational and Training made very extensive presentation, followed by the remarks by the panelists.  Martin Lees, Secretary-General of Club of Rome, made comment on Dr. Jin’s presentation and then discussed the climate change as one of the significant future trend.  I gave corporate perspective on the importance of human capital and talent in the 21st century, pointed out the skills gap on the global level and some ideas for the solutions. Mr. Jin Lee, Chairman of Woogjin Group presented the initiative his group has begun.  The panel was moderated by Dr. Young Tak Lee of the World Futures Forum.

WKFfas2The 3-day WKF ended with very nice dinner, with fashion show by Andre Kim.  It was activity-packed 2.5 days for me, but well worth one.

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