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As we will discontinue the Davos Experience in Tokyo series after the session #60 scheduled for Friday, July 27, I have been reflecting what we have tried to do with this series etc. We want to make an announcement regarding why we discontinue this series and what is the next step, to the past participants as well as those who have supported this series.
At the same time, I watch and hear media report from North America and Europe as I am now in British Columbia. I cannot but think that the world has undergone tremendous transformation and the changes are now taking place every day. For example, the President Trump’s visit to EU and Helsinki in the past week, in particular,his behaviors and words such as ” EU is a Foe”, his criticism of the leaders of Germany and UK through media, and not in their face, and his remarks at the Helsinki summit press conference indicates (at least to me) that the world as we know no longer exists. I am not sure how much of these turmoil and controversy is reported in Japan, I am very sure that the world is probably stepping into the unprecedented territory aa dictator-like leaders are gaining power in different parts of the world and many people support them. I am even more convinced that we as individuals have responsibility to explore and look for the facts, own the issues as our own, think on our own, referring to our own principles and values, and take actions to help lead/support the world to the better status.

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