Recently I had a very embarrassing experience. Right before I left for Davos, I heard that it was VERY COLD there from my friends. So I decided to bring my long fur coat which I had bought many years ago in New York City, but have not worn often.
As the winter in Tokyo has not been that severe, I have not had a chance to wear it for a long time. (My fur coat had been sitting in my closet!) I thought it would be a good opportunity for me to wear the coat after many years, because I know that it keeps me very warm.

When I arrived in Davos and the venue, it was VERY COLD. I was happy to bring the long coat. However, I noticed few people with fur coat. I wondered why and realized that the world has become much more aware of animal rights, environmental issue and protection of nature and stayed away from fur coat.

I was very embarrassed as it showed that I had little knowledge and/or sensitivity to the current thinking toward animals, nature and environment. As the fur coat was the only one I had with me, I had no choice but keep on wearing the coat.
Every time I had to check the coat at the cloak (and there were MANY times, as we went back and forth between the Congress Center and hotels etc. with heavy security), I felt so embarrassed.

Finally I asked the lady at the cloak that I see almost no fur coat. The lady said that it was less, but there were some who wear fur coat. Her remarks made me feel a bit better, as I knew I was NOT the only one!
In fact, as the weather got even colder towards the end of the Forum, I saw more people in fur coat. I felt relieved.

I think this incident shows how much the world has changed in a decade and how easy you could lose touch with the world. It was a good lesson for me. It was even GREAT lesson for me, as I often advocated to others the importance of keeping up with the world trend. I realize that I have to be much more careful and practice what I preach. After all, I was the ONE that lost touch.