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Yesterday, July 29, I went to Next Generation Leader Camp held at Munakata city in Fukuoka prefecture.  This is an initiative which began 9 years ago (I believe, as this year marks the ninth of its kind) for the purpose to developing leadership among the high school students throughout the country.  It is 2 week summer camp where some 160 high school students spend together, participate in lectures, workshops and discussion etc.

This is the third time I had the pleasure of participating in the Camp as one of the speakers.  Every time in the past two years,  I had so much fun.  This year was no exception.

ishikuraleader2 I talked about how the world has been changing drastically in the past decade or so, and how much potential and how many opportunities  are now available for each and every one of us.

I ran the session in the interactive style (as always) by asking students whether their childhood dreams have changed or not.  Hearing their dreams was fun and so were the reasons why some have change the dreams.   By using their examples, I tried to explain how the world has been evolving at even faster pace today and how much potential and options there are for them.  I told them I envy them as they just started living in such an exciting era.  I wanted to get across the message that there are so many opportunities available for them, which are far beyond those available a decade ago.

leaderMany students asked me questions after the session and we ran out of time (as always!)   The session ended with me giving them the two books I wrote.  I had asked them to think of the ways to distribute two different books to all the students earlier. We selected one method by our own votes and everyone received either one of the two books I wrote for the young generation.  The fun session ended with the huge group photo with all of them with the books!

I believe that the young generation will take us into the better world and the better future.  We are counting on their passion, energy, dedication and commitment.  So I want to make sure that they feel that they can do almost anything if they put their mind to it.  I hope I got my message of hope and opportunities understood.

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