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me&KFLPstudentsThis morning (Feb. 19) I ran 2-hour workshop with the students for (KFLP)Keio East Asia Future Leaders Program. The title was “Will Innovation go beyond national boundaries?” and we had breakout session followed by general discussion.
I wanted students (from overseas as well as from Keio) to identify innovation they have found during their stay in Japan which can be “new” in their countries and products/services they have in their countries that can be perceived “new” in Japan.
KFLPfromaboveStudents (in four groups) came up with the list and we shared. Innovation from Japan included toilet, umbrella related things, vending machine for hot drinks/food and Pasmo. The potential “new” services/products in Japan included Uber, 24 hour bus/subway and free wi-fi.
The idea behind this exercise was that innovation is often generated by combination of things, rather than totally new breakthrough ideas. As it was the last session of the program and they have spent 2 weeks in Japan, I thought it would be fun to reflect back and think of the future.

KFLPinterviewRight after the session, I had an interview for the Keio Global.   I love interacting with young people and today was no exception. Fun morning for me. I hope they find it fun as well!

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