On Monday, I gave seminar/workshop in Kagoshima. This time, unlike the one last December, was for 3 hours and included breakout sessions. I wanted to update my talk as the topic was again “leadership” and included some of the articles and a paper I wrote this year.

IMG_5732I began with what has happened since last December including the intensifying geopolitical tensions in Gaza, Ukraine, and Iraq etc. I wanted to make sure that participants are aware of what is happening in the world, not all necessarily reported in the Japanese media.

The first assignment for the breakout groups were “List three major changes which will give big impact on your business in the next three years. Explain why and their specific impact on your business.” The groups discussed for a while and reported back. Most items raised were rather general, so I changed my course and asked the whole group the question related to the six success factors to lead positive change Rosabeth Moss Kanter identified in her TEDx talk. (I happened to find this video and liked it .)

The discussion became more lively and the participants began sharing their experiences.
Then I asked the last question. That is “If you were to be reborn, do you want to be born Japanese?” (This is the topic I have used for other occasions and will discuss this Friday at DET(Davos Experience in Tokyo.)  The discussion and report back of this question was very interesting as close to 90% of the people said that they want to be born Japanese. Hearing this report back, I made a few comments and the rationale behind this type of “What if?” questions. We will see how the reactions will be this Friday when we discuss the issues at DET.

One day in Kagoshima ended with nice dinner with participants.  (Photo showing myself with Sakurajima behind me.)