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 I will be participating a panel discussion on Work Life Balance at Japan Society in New York a week from tomorrow, February 2. Work life balance and work style reform has been a hot topic in Japan and Abe administration has made several initiatives (see featured photo) to resolve long working hours and low productivity. It was partially triggered by the KAROSHI (death from overwork) at Dentsu.
Now many companies have begun their own program to reduce long working hours as well. (If you are in New York area, please join us.)
This past week, however, additional factor has come into the scene, that is, the world economy is undergoing tremendous change from series of executive orders by the President Trump and his sharp criticisms targeting at certain countries (including Japan) and companies. I think more uncertainties about the corporate performance and the outlook of the Japanese economy. How these very recent events affect the momentum toward work style reform remains to be seen.  We will discuss this issue of long work hours and time management at our next session of Davos Experience in Tokyo series on February 24. If you are in Tokyo at the end of February, join us at this event.  It will be done in English.

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