I had wonderful lunch with one of the ICS alumni, Seewon, today. She contacted me yesterday through face book message as she saw the photo I post and figured that I am in Hong Kong. I did not know she works in Hong Kong, but we quickly set the date for today’s lunch.
Over curry buffet lunch at Conrad lounge (which is excellent!), we talked about what we have been doing and what we are up to. I am so happy that she contacted me and we managed to meet.
It is always nice to see how well alumni is doing and catch up with them. It turned out that she comes to Japan a few times a year and I promised to invite her to the event I host when our schedule matches. She gave me some advice as to what to do in Hong Kong tomorrow, and even offered to take me to Shenzhen (which I always wanted to go) next time I come to Hong Kong. It is always exciting to hear about the area from the people who live there. (I learned a lot at dinner the other night, too.)  Now I have every reason to come back to Hong Kong!  Thank YOU Seewon for taking time and for the present.