Today (Nov. 5), I went down to Palo Alto area to have lunch with my friend, Chika Watanabe who took me to “business tour” in the area. I made a mistake about time of train and ended up using Uber to go down there (it was over US$55 and 50 min.) but made it in time.

After lunch, we walked around Palo Alto downtown along University Ave to check out? 165 Univ. Ave, co-working space? where many start ups (big companies now) began their operation. We then visited co-working place by SAP (with Blue Bottle Coffee), retail store which shows just one item of each (started with online) and space showing what their softwares could do? (I tried VR!)

Then she took me on her Tesla around to take a look at Google and Apple new office. The scale is totally overwhelming. These companies hire so many people year in and out and they need places to live. (in addition to hundreds of buses brought from Belgium, I heard!)

We had latte after we checked nice area which has been designed to reflect? demographics.  We went into the Amazon Book store where books with high customer review are displayed with some children books etc.

It was sunny and open with low buildings in the whole area, which gives a distinct impression. (This is NOT a big city with high rises!)

I am so grateful to Chika who took time for me and with whom I had very interesting talk. I took Caltrain back to San Francisco from Mountain View.
Now I know how to use Uber (more or less, it is a bit tricky when it is so dark!) and have been very lucky with the nice and sunny weather. I hope I can come back again soon. Seeing is believing…