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 Last week, on Tuesday, Nov. 6, I joined the panel discussion at the Roundtable  seminar organized by William Lea Tag.  It was held at Shangrila Hotel Tokyo. The seminar was entitled  “Global Perspective on Labor in Japan-Issues and Solutions” and Dr. Florian Kohlbacher of the Economic Corporate Network gave a key note speech..  After his presentation, Yumiko Murakami of OECD Japan Office, Oki Matsumoto of Monex,  Aki Kubo of WLT and I  joined the panel with Florian as moderator.  I believe it was the first of this type of events organized by WLT and I met with some new people as well as old friends.

It seems that we agreed that labor practices in Japan need do change to keep up with the world under transformation.  Each one of us addressed different aspect of the change from our own data and experiences. For me, the most significant finding was the questions I received from university students after the session, regarding how and when to develop knowledge, skills and experience to later work as freelancer.  I plan to incorporate this aspect whenever I discuss freelancing as one of the alternative forms of jobs of the future.  We have no photos to show, unfortunately of the event.  I appreciate the opportunity to discuss this topic with other panelists and with the audience.

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