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As I hear/see many things and initiatives I find in Japan, I am often caught by rather pessimistic view.  It is because the sense of urgency and the sense of ownership is lacking here.  We talk about the need for digital transformation,  global/local perspectives, start^up and sustainability etc.often.  It appears that many of us “feel” that the world we live now and future is very different from the one we know up to now.  And yet, I see very little action to do something about it. My sense of urgency has been enhanced more as I find more about education and skills high school students in Israel are required to have by graduation. (photos are with people from Israel).

It is true that we are faced with many uncertainties and it is very difficult to think of solution ideas, not to mention the problem itself.

I feel, however, that the need to develop tools and attempt to think on our own, does not disappear in the face of uncertainties.. From my recent trip to Tel Aviv, I realize how fundamental;y different our approach to  tools, skills and how to think from here and it gave me a big warning.   The need to do something has been increasing and we are running out of time to take the future in our hands.

I am sometimes overwhelmed by the amount of information we are surrounded and can access (I went to the big book store today after some time, and could not believe how many books on the subject of 2030 and on etc are on sale!) and think how I can navigate my own thinking in this crowded world. That does NOT mean that we can give up getting information, think on our own so that we own our own problem.  We can also practice tools we can use to make our activities more efficient and richer.

Long story short, I am promoting our next SINCA session on Friday, December 6 where we practice coding and communication together. Coding and English seems to be two hot topics as the grade school students are required to learn these two skills soon. My worry is whether we are fast enough to take this initiative.  As we have found that our aging issue is much more serious now and in the future without drastic actions, we may find by the time majority of Japanese are equipped with these two tools, the world may have gone into the different and new phase of history.

We are hosting this session in 2 weeks because we want some business people (in particular, HR people of the companies)  and students realize the urgent need to try these two tools themselves. We are NOT offering the online course for coding and/or English. We want people to have a feel for what they are like.  We would be pleased if many will join us and feel the fun of learning something new.  Details are here.  You can see the two part video of the session we held in July to see how it goes.  We will have networking afterwords so that we can get to know each other casually.  Hope to see many of you there.

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