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Whenever I compare the days I spend in Tokyo with the days I spend in other big cities-mainly Asia, US, I feel how difficult to go middle or to have best of both worlds. I notice that people seem to be so loud and talk constantly in New York and in Asian cities. It is quite noisy with many people talking, with loud music from the car etc. etc. At the same time, I feel a lot of energy with the noise.
When I come back to Japan (to Tokyo), I find people are more quiet and serious looking. It is good in a way to be in quiet place which seems to be peaceful, but I long for noise and confusion. I miss high energy that comes with noise and loud voices..
I wonder whether it is possible to go middle road, i.e. relatively quiet and people listen rather than talk constantly, but feel a lot of energy.
I recall once I heard that the interesting work is tough at the same time, and there is no such thing as easy and interesting work. Probably we have to decide which is more important. High energy but with noise or quiet with low energy.  Tough, but interesting and exciting work or easy but boring work. My choice is high energy with noise and tough but exciting work. (The first few days after I come back from NY, I find my neighbourhood too quiet and always start playing music on my iPhone or stereo.. I miss the sound…)

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