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%e3%83%99%e3%83%83%e3%83%89I have noticed that there have been many more write-ups/news on “sleep” lately. I recall that several years ago (probably close to 10 years ago) I moderated the dinner discussion on “sleep.” It was the first time I was exposed to the importance of sleep and the need to have 7 hour + sleep. (It was the first time I heard that with 4 hour sleep or so, you are in the same condition as being drunk.)
It seems the recent surge in interest in sleep is due to the devices that measure sleep such as smartphone, wearables etc. and the advancement in brain research.
It was few years ago that people (in particular, in IT related industries) boast how little sleep they need to function. Now it is almost completely opposite. It seems that success factor & the measure for success is 7-8 hour sleep! Now you can proudly say that you keep 7-8 hour sleep every day, I did not like the people who advocated the concept of little sleep as the sign of your competence. Now I realise how out of fashion? they are. Things to change….

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