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I feel very relaxed in NYC. Some wonder why I feel relaxed in the big city which may be crowded, dangerous, and often with extreme weather. (Gusty winter day in NYC in March, for example, is something else!)
I can think of several reasons why I feel that way.

1. I have a family here and spending time with my step sons & their families make me feel at home. In particular, seeing how young couple (my stepson & his wife) take cares of the family with three kids and how kids enjoy having my other stepson and his girlfriend gives me a lot of joy.
2. I feel you can speak any language and look big or small, wear anything and that nobody cares in this city. I hear so many different languages spoken and different ways to dress here–some look so sophisticated and fashionable & fit, while others are BIG and “look” touristy. I love this “diversity” in this city.
3. It seems that people are quite friendly, at the elevator, hotel,restaurant, sports club etc. but not too much. I personally do NOT like the relationship which is too “wet” sometimes found in the country I am from. Right amount of “hospitality” is good.
4. I see so many people eating! I noticed for the first time, that so many people eat outdoors, while walking or sitting at the park etc. (It is now the good season to be out!) I do not believe that it is necessarily a good manner, but you see so many people eating so much food! (I like to do the same, so I feel relaxed as many others are doing!)
5. Though there are so many people in the city (not different from Tokyo where I am from), they seem to be not quite organized or orderly. Some(those from out of town?) walk slow in the relaxed manner, while others are more focused on getting there quickly–business people walk fast with clear objective, and delivery people rush back & forth. This absence of order? is relaxing (at least to me.)

It is also true, however, that I realize that I need to be on guard. (You have to watch valuables etc very close!) I can feel it right after I step out of the plane at JFK and feel the air out of the terminal. You have to protect YOURSELF!

NYC is an interesting place, to say the least.

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