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“Why not?” is one of my favorite expressions and what I tell myself when I find myself not making a step forward.  I think this is one of the expressions that you rarely hear in Japan, while I came across with this question many times when I interact with people from different fields. It is nothing serious, but very casual and informal.  In my understanding, it is the expression that people use when they encourage you to try something new.

In my case, when I was contemplating whether I should go to business school or not after working as freelance conference interpreter for several years, this was the message that the professor I met through my work gave me.  I was not sure whether I could keep up with the classes at business school, (concern #1), and whether it brings new opportunities for me (concern#2) and how I will feel if it does not turn out to be what I want. (concern #3).   His message was, essentially, “you can give it a try, if it does not work, you can come back to the job you had. So why not try?

I came across with the same expression when I was debating whether I should go on to the phD program or get a job after MBA.  My mentor said the same thing.  Hearing his advice, I thought I could get a job somewhere if phD program does not work.

Since then, I often find myself give this advice to myself. When I contemplate a big change (such as job change, relationship, place to live etc.), I tell myself, “Why not?” it makes the issue much lighter and casual, I find.  So why not try yourself?

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