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I have introduced JWLI program a few times on this blog.  It is an excellent program organized by Fish Foundation in Boston.

They are now accepting the application for the 2019 programs-both the Spring and Fall programs. It is now called JWLI-II, after the first decade o JWLI-I.

Dates for Spring program are April 16 through May 10 and for Fall program are October 7  through November 1. Deadline for application is January 31.

JWLI-II offers an executive leadership development program that transforms Japanese women to be action-oriented leaders with confidence to lead, skills and knowledge to manage, and a plan to make social change in Japan. Specifically, they provide:

  • Personal growth opportunities to be an action-oriented leader
  • Skills and knowledge from hands-on training with successful nonprofit organizations
  • Learning from the Babson Women’s Leadership Program: From Opportunity to Action
  • Coaching and mentorship to develop and implement a 2-year Action Plan, an achievable roadmap to turn a dream vision of social change into reality in Japan
  • In Boston, JWLI-II provides:

    • Step-by-step coaching by  Yasu Yamanaka, Associate Professor of Entrepreneurship at Babson develop the 2-year Action Plan
    • Hands-on training on management with leaders of successful Boston-based nonprofit organizations
    • Participation in the Babson Women’s Leadership Program, a 5-day intensive  entrepreneurial management program, among other American women leaders and executives
    • Expanded networks of leaders in the Boston’s social sector

    After Boston, JWLI-II provides:

    • Individual mentoring for two years for the Action Plan implementation
    • Progress monitoring through Fellows’ semiannual progress reports for two years
    • Opportunities to participation in the JWLI Alumni Association
    • Support and collaboration opportunities with other JWLI alumnae
    To provide better understanding, JWLI Program Manager, Kozue Sawame, will be holding an informational session on JWLI Program and application process.

【Date and Time】Thursday, January 24 10:00pm~11:00pm (Japan Time)


【Registration】To participate in our informational session, free registration is required. Please follow the link and complete the registration process. You will then receive necessary information via email.

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