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 As I often write and talk, New York is my favorite city.  I recalled why I began falling in love with this city (quite a while ago, in fact), I remember few things which NY made strong impression on me during the trips many years ago.  I was very impressed that people look very confident and walk quite fast with their back straight.  When I was in the 20s, I felt that people (mainly business people) project confidence as “professional”.  Every time I come to NY and see them, I felt that I want to be like them and actually started walking fast etc.  (It is one of those “Fake it and become it.” idea.)   No matter how old/young a person may be, and what occupation they have, I felt this is the city for professionals.

The next thing I noticed about being in NY was that  I belong to this place and feel included.  I love the diversity found in this city, now only the race, nationality, age, etc.  but how they dress etc. I  felt everybody can be “one of a kind” here and people appreciate it.  I felt diversity and inclusion many years BEFORE D & I became buzz word.

In addition, the appeal in the art and culture was  another reason.  In fact, whenever I am in NYC, I go to shows as much as I can.   I like different profile of audience depending upon the type of shows. In fact, I went to the LIncoln Center, David Geffen Hall for the NY philharmonic concert today(Friday)   I exchanged my other ticket for the Movie and the Philharmonic I had bought a while ago, but could not use it.  (It is very nice and convenient to be able to exchange tickets if you have an account (i.e. I have made donation before.)

The concert hall was quite full with majority being relatively older age group.

The pieces played included TAO by L. Andriessen featuring Japanese KOTO and vocal quartet. Andriessen, a recipient of the Marie-Josee Kravis Prize for New MusicIt is featured on the Art of Andriessen this month. It was quite new and interesting. I think this type of new series featuring new music is wonderful.

The second piece was  Rachmaninoff’s Rhapsody on a Theme of Paganini, with Garrick Ohlsson as solo artist.  It was well known piece and Ohlsson was fabulous.  After the intermission, Symphony No. 2 in D major by Sibelius was played by the Philharmonic w David Robertson conducting.  It was a nice way to spend Friday afternoon and reminded me of the charm of this city.

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