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It is my philosophy (policy) to practice what I preach.  It is because of two reasons.  One is that I believe in “Do as I do” and not “Do as I say”   The other is that I learned a lesson hard way.

It goes back few decades that I had an experience which taught me a hard lesson.  I was running executive training workshop for one of the client company as a part of the consulting project.  I explained the process of problem solving and asked the participants to follow that process in addressing their problems as a part of the project.

We had two young members on our team who had little experience. (I believe it must have been the first project one of them was assigned to, and thus he was trying to learn the process on the job.)

It turned out that we ourselves did not quite follow the process I explained.  We had many difficulties defining the problem, developing hypothesis, collecting data etc.  When we realized that I myself did not practice what I taught, I felt so bad as we did not meet the expectations of the client.  I also felt so bad as two young members of the team suffered from my lack of ability to practice what I recommend.  They were supposed to get trained on the job in the real problem solving process, but they did not, as I failed to practice what I preach.

Since then, I made it sure that I practice what I preach and if I am not able to practice what I advocate & recommend, I do NOT preach.  I learned the lesson hard way.

This is also the reason  I respect those who practice what they advocate.  I am determined that I do NOT follow “NATO-No action & Talk only.”

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