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Our next SINCA extra special session is coming up in several days.  It will be held at 8:00 pm on Sunday, August 23 and the registration through this site is filling up very quickly.

The topic we want to brainstorm is “Who would you like to be if you can be anybody in the world today?  Why? and What would you do?”  I believe anybody can respond to these questions by using a bit of imagination and creativity.  Probably many of you are getting a bit bored/tired/exhausted from the restriction on activities and brutally hot weather. (When we go out to refresh ourselves, we get blown off by hot air!)  So let us escape the reality and go into the imaginary world. You can think and dream BIG!   Not much preparation is required before the session. All you need is to imagine what you can do if you become the person of your choice.  Please come to the session prepared to explain your person of choice, the reasons and what YOU would do as this person.  For comparison, we will discuss the opposite.   Who do you NEVER want to be no matter what is offered?

register through this site.  We will inform the zoom link Sunday afternoon to those who register by then.  Looking forward to seeing many of you then.

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