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yokoat-gas4I am scheduled to give a talk to the junior year students at Sophia university tomorrow December 7.  The title is “Career and lifestyle you design, ” a part of the career series offered there.
As the world is undergoing unprecedented change and demographic trends such as ageing and technological advancement shakes our world from foundations, I think it is critical for each one of us to “think” and “design” our own career and lifestyle. I also feel it is better if we start early (probably from childhood), and thus I appreciate the opportunity to talk directly to the high school and/or college students.
Some of you may feel that it is too late for you as you already started working and have little time or energy to think through/design, no worries. You can continue stimulating your mind and body by exposing yourself to different places/people/experiences.
sharing15403265_10206235250560117_1889168556_n“Davos Experience in Tokyo” series is one such opportunity to expand your horizon. AND the session #43 is three days away on Friday, December 9.
We will have the guests from airbnb, one of the pioneers of sharing economy, to explain their new service of “offering experience” as host. We want each one of us to think of the way that our skills/expertise/experience can be packaged for guests to learn, have fun, etc.
If you have special (but hidden) skills and expertise, come join us to develop the best way to package it to be marketable. You may be surprised to find many who love your offering. For details and registration, go to our website. Looking forward to seeing you then.

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