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At the workshop for high school students on Friday, I began my session with the question, “Who are your heroes?”  It was my attempt to engage participants.  (When I give a talk on “Global leaders” for example, I ask participants who come to their mind as ‘global leader’. I  usually get an interesting list of names.)

With high school students, majority of the answers about their heroes were family members (parents, uncle, aunt), & teachers (at school, at JUKU, sports clube etc.).   Ichiro, etc. came up as well, but only few.   I found the responses very interesting.

As I was thinking about this,I found the tweet quoting Steve Jobs as follows.

“One way to remember who you are is to remember who your heroes are.” — Steve Jobs

Heroes do influence our purpose and our life.

I also thought how much young people are influenced by the people they are close to. I had expected that to some extent, but the influence was more than what I had expected.  This means that adults (i.e. US) have tremendous responsibility to the young people.  I keep saying that the youth will create the future, but if they are influenced so much by the people close to them, WE have a lot of responsibility.  Heroes are NOT limited to  those famous, well-known etc. They are US or those close to us.

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