Several scenes from Whistler on Sunday, July 25.  I went to the Sports Center to do some cardio and weight at 7:00 a.m.  It was very quiet at that time of the day and found only few people.  (Who would go to the gym at 7:00 a.m. on Sunday!  I ran into one of the instructors of the Circuit Training class who was doing the weights etc. himself.)

Flowerpot Next on agenda is to go to church where I see many families.  At around 11:00 a.m., you start seeing many people (mainly families) walking around in colorful T shirts etc.  It is warm but dry and pleasant.  Farmers market is as always very crowded. (I picked up rasberries, blueberries and a bag of arugula.)

As I come to Whistler every summer, I take it for granted to see many colorful flower pots and beautiful Christmas tree-like trees with snow-capped mountains.  The scene is so beautiful and peaceful that you forget about many things that may have bothered you.

Ywball In the afternoon, I usually write, sitting on the balance ball (to build CORE and not to hurt my elbow which tends to get sore from golf! Photo on the left), while listening to the classical music.  I struggle through, but in the nice environment.

YwieverI am so used to having PCs, iPad, and iPhone on wireless which allows me to use many at the same time.  I feel it  give a lot of freedom.  (Photo on the right) I wonder how I feel when I go back home to get tied down with cable!

Dog The other day at the parking lot of the grocery store, I found yellow convertible with the stuffed dog(I thought).  It turned out that the dog is real and I could not resist taking a photo. (From the back, thus rather hard to see.)  The dog in the yellow convertible was the scene of the day!