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I am quite aware of the absence of consensus regarding many different “global agenda” in the past decade or so, whether climate change, immigration etc. Regarding the global economic outlook, however,  there seems to be some agreement (probably wishful thinking?) that the world economy is  in good shape for now, as it has pushed stock prices to record high in some countries such as the US. It seems that we are interconnected and we “share” good prospects.
As I was reading some materials for the annual meeting of the World Economic Forum scheduled to start in two days in Davos, Switzerland, I came across with one of the articles that indicate different views.
This year’s topic of the Davos is “Creating shared future in a Fractured World”, but the article says we may need to change the topic for next year to “Creating Fractured Future in a Shared world”, as synchronized economies can mean that we can go down together very quickly if one fails.
With the US President Trump expected to come to Davos, first time in almost two decades, after President Clinton in 2000, it will be interesting to see how different views (such as “America First” and “globalization/shared future) will turn out and what will be the overall message coming from the meeting.
We are hosting the session #55 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series on the last day of the annual meeting in Davos. Our session  is expected to take place when the President Trump makes a speech (assuming he gets there in the midst of the government shut down etc. in the U.S.) We plan to watch live cast from Davos and discuss in small breakout groups in Tokyo. This is a rare opportunity to see the events in action. Check our website for details and register.

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