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I have spent four days straight (making the best use of long weekend and Friday before that), to finish reviewing my activities and expenses for the year 2017. My tax accountant does the rest, but I need to inform him the days I spent away from home & detailed expenses for my activities. (I give seminars, workshops, write columns etc. for a variety of organizations and I need to keep track of the expenses for major categories.) Though I have tried in the past sorting receipts/credit card statements, etc., I still need to spend many days going over them. I have developed system to record them with more ease over the years, and am getting more efficient now, and yet it still takes several days and I am buried with documents etc. during that time. The reason why it still takes some time could be that my activities take different forms in different countries. I am hoping that soon AI could do it for me.
This year, I decided to start early (I started at the end of January) and planned it such a way with the deadline so that I have something to look forward to after I finish. I tend to work better with deadline (without it, I can never complete) and set the deadline at the end of long weekend, i.e. today.
I spent the past four days sorting receipts, categorizing them, calculating them so that my tax accountant could do his job. As always, it took longer than I had expected and I ended up spending all four days until today doing just that. (I worked from morning to midnight every day except my Aikido class and dinner with my father at my apartment.) I did not even write a blog one day as I worked after midnight without realizing it!
I managed to put them together and send them to my tax accountant this afternoon. My desk and study looks much cleaner (at one point, I did not have space to have meals as my dining table –quite big seating 8 people- had documents all over!) I feel much lighter and am ready to enjoy the time off.
Where am I going? Not my favorite destination of NYC, but to Ko Olina, Hawaii. Unlike last year when I visited NYC four times in the first six months, I stayed away so far as the weather there has been so bad. I will go there sometime in spring as it is still my favorite city. This time, I am heading for Honolulu, Hawaii for a few warm and quiet relaxing days.

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