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13115518_1050263475046902_15729368_n As the world moves at unprecedented speed and many uncertainties surround us today, do you have a place where you can find peace? It is not “peace” of War and Peace, but the place where you can relax and be yourself.
Many of us seems to be under time pressure trying to keep up with many demands of our work and of our life in general. We often hear that some of the current jobs are taken over by the robots and Artificial Intelligence I can do things beyond imagination, which does not help us to feel at peace.
It is very convenient to live in the city, as there are many places in the vicinity  so that we can do many things around the clock without driving or taking a train. However, many of us need to commute for long hours a day in overcrowded trains. Probably some of you may feel that you have lost the sense of time and of seasons, as many things are available throughout the year.

How about having the place out of the city as your “second home” in addition to your busy life in the city?  As Starbucks started the concept of the third place, we could have “the second home” to spend a weekend.

This is the topic of our discussion at #37 of Davos Experience in Tokyo series scheduled for Friday, May 27., as informed earlier.   We will have some guests who have started the movement of “nanmoku” university in the local village. They work in the city like us, but spend weekends at Nanmoku village.  Whe not ioin us to hear their stories of the real life in the local village? How they appreciate the nature, how they realize the beauty of the local village?

For details and registration, follow this link.  Hope many of you will join to find out about the possibility of “second home.”

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