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I have come across with a few incidents which remind me of the importance of expressing your views, in other words, the OUTPUT. One is the series of interviews I had yesterday – one was on the book Shoe Dog by Phil Knight of Nike and the other about the trends in 2017, 2018 and on.
I also had a meeting to discuss how we can encourage people to express their views in planning workshop early next year.
I always encourage people to say something. (This is not directly related to “When you see something, say something” often seen in the US against terrorism, etc.)
I realize myself how expressing your views particularly in dialogue or interactive sessions leads you to new discovery and opportunity to think it over. For example, yesterday, when we discussed how I found the book Shoe Dog, the interviewers kept asking me about global strategy, entrepreneurship, and leadership. It was interesting to me how they read the book and came up with these questions. As I read the book more as a story and narrative of the person who has had enormous passion for shoes/athletes, their questions made me think and respond. It was somewhat different from what I had expected, so it gave me the opportunity to reflect my own thinking and explore new meaning.
At the meeting today, I discussed how we could encourage people who are interested and dedicated to learn English to express their views. I do not think it is necessarily related to the language (i.e. people are reluctant to express their views even in Japanese, mother tongue.) It is more related to how people see (or do not see) the importance of OUTPUT.
Recently I saw some people say that you learn so much and think creatively if you force yourself to OUTPUT. I agree. When you express your view, people react and that leads to the new finding and thinking. I will explore more as to how I can get people to make a step toward  (like a small child in the featured photo above) and enter into the exciting world of creative, innovative thinking with fun.

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