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img_2003 ando-nagamoriNow that Sunday is almost over, I am almost finished with follow up of activities/events in the past 10 days or so. It means  sending Thank you notes (in regular mail) to people who have invited me to participate in a variety of important events. They ata003include Dr. Tadao Ando who sent me a very nice letter and the book entitled “Hill of the Buddha”, and Mr Shignobu Nagamori who sent me the photo of the trustee meeting held a week ago in Kyoto.(On the left) I also received a very nice photo of Dow dinner(below- it has been about a month as it was the day before US election which feels like a year ago!)  As you can tell from these photos, I am surrounded by very famous people of the Japanese community! (You can tell it is quite exciting AND  nerve wrecking occasions…)
img_2009For the seminars/symposiums/forums I participate (usually every communication done via e-mail etc.) I send thank you note by email  immediately after the event. I do send a regular Thank you note to those who may not use email or who have done something special.
Now that I have time to reflect on the events/encounters in the past few weeks,  I realise I have several places (in Japan to start with) that I really want to visit to see myself such as Makomanai in Hokkaido where Dr. Ando’s buddha is.  I also have several books written by or about people that I met recently (and who fascinated me!),  that I am dying to read. (in addition to those books sent by people who are so kind as to send me theirs )

Probably I will shift gears and visit these places I wanted to visit/promised to visit. (So far, my trips are for conferences, seminars or simply vacation…) I can learn how to enjoy traveling with some other purpose. I can start reading books I want to read rather than those which I need to read to catch up.  I can start designing how I spend time..

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