This past week, I participated in the Dress for Success session for the students who began the Term 1 three weeks ago. This is the session where six faculty members (3 men and 3 women) talked about how to dress for different business occasions such as job interviews. I joined the team two years ago and we talked about our own experiences and took some questions from the students.  Naturally, we do not agree on several points, reflecting the kind of occasion each one of us tends to encounter, our own personality and style, and also how we perceive the value and significance of “how to dress.” 

 This past week marked another important meeting for me. I had the first seminar session with five students. As the Term 1 is such a busy time for the students, I wanted to have the first meeting where we can get to know as soon as possible the seminar selection is made. (It was announced this last Monday)

  I got to know the nationality, background, and the interest, career plan etc. of the five students. I also introduced what I have been doing and my interest. As four countries are represented (I have two Korean students) and their background is very different, I am very excited about the diversity of the opinions and the sharing of our views.  I plan to try something new for the upcoming seminar sessions.