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Are you a marketer? product manager? Do you want to be a marketer?  We often talk about the type of jobs that can be automated by AI and robotics.  Do you think the job of marketing will stay as it is protected from automation?  Now that many jobs can be replaced by deep learning and big data,  I think it is critical that we need to know something about technology AND to have the knowledge/feel of the field where human interaction takes place as marketer.

If you are interested in getting the hint to stay as marketer and/or to become super marketer in the face of automation, join us tomorrow, May 26, at session #48 of Davos Experience in Tokyo.

We will have Mayuko Yamaura, co-founder of, specialized in combining image analytics, marketing and AI.  It is easy to see that visuals (photos) tell so much more than words about how consumers use the product. has developed the technology to analyze photo taken by consumers and uploaded on SNS.  They show the vivid (and real) scene of how consumers user your products.  In addition to know how your products are used, you may also want to know how products yours compete are used in the field.  If you are interested in how you can be a marketer of tech savvy and feel for human interaction, join us tomorrow.  For details and registration, follow this link. 

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