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As Innovation and human capital has been debated so often in Japan and companies (and schools) seem to struggle to develop creative talent,  let me introduce upcoming seminar addressing the secret of Innovation from Israel. Israel has not been that well known to the business community in Japan up until few years ago, though it is the country known for technology and innovation in the rest of the world.   In fact, we hosted the Global Agenda Seminar last year (in Japanese) with Kentaro Sakakibara, founder of “Samurai Incubate” based both in Japan and in Israel. He shared his experience of identifying Israel as the hot spot for innovation and of interacting with people in Israel.  His talk (though done in Japanese) was very interesting as it shed the light on various aspects of Israel- how young people are taught math and science, technology from early years and how people view problems and issues.

At our GAS seminar #5 held on Tuesday, Nov. 13, we will introduce  unique approach of developing innovative and creative people in Israel. Talpiot program. The program is known as an elite Israeli Defense Forces training programs.  Our guest speaker is Mr. Tomer Shussman, Chief Instructor and Deputy Commander of Talpiot Program, who heads the development of customized Talpiot program Japan Version.  He himself is an alumni of this program.  Talpiot program is  known for the track records of developing many entrepreneurs as well and for explaining the friendly environment for startups.

First Mr. Shussman will present the outline of the program, and I will join to have brief dialogue.  Then we will open up to the floor for question & answer session. We plan to have as much time as possible for Q & A, so come with many questions.  Session will be conducted in English.  For details and registration, go to this site (you can scroll down to find English.)  Hope to see you then!

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