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Following the entry yesterday which features the interview of Prof. Tokutaro Hiramoto, GAS alumni, and discusses how you can make the best of the Global Agenda Seminar series etc., here is another story of the alumni of GAS, Masaki Takao, co-founder of JE Plan.  He appeared on the #2 of NHK Special Documentary on Plastic wastes broadcast on April 14. (I wrote about the show on my blog in Japanese, AND watched #1 of the show, but did not find him there. (The next day I left for Brazil, so I missed #2 which Masaki appeared. I hear you can watch the show on NHK On Demand here. (with fee,)

He was one of the early GAS and since he attended GAS in 2012 (I believe), he succeeded in securing funding  for the start-up he co-founded, JE Plan.  He was selected to represent Japan at the WorldCup Startup in May since I interviewed him last September.

During the interview he talked about how GAS gave him new perspectives regarding funding possibilities and helped him broaden the space for his business.  His interview is very interesting and inspiring.   I was most impressed with his Obsession with recycling of apparel from the start.  He never gave up the idea and in the process developed recycling of various other items including smart phone parts into medals for Olympics, etc.  Here is my blog entry. You can watch his interview below.

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